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5/20 Offshore report- Tuna, AJ's, Yellow tail and more.. with numbers and how-to :)

Rod SquadRod Squad Treasure Island, FLPosts: 14 Greenhorn

Despite terrible weather we made the run yesterday to TI2, it was nasty and raining early morning and late morning with a brief window in between.  We found solid fish on the west side of the shrimp barge. (Ref location below).  Fish were holding 65-85’ in the column with layers of Bonita from 25-50’ with Cuda and sharks waiting for a quick lunch.  Bonita were unfortunately hitting everything from big 8” baits to small, we had pins, grunts and white bait which we netted at the JP bridge (North east side tide light).  What worked for us to avoid the bycatch hookup's was dropping the baits up current to 70-85’ and drifting through the mark.  With the Taclia 16’s locked down in low gear upon knockdown we bumped the boat forward while reeling to our hearts content to get the fish out and away from the cuda and sharks. Every pass produced a solid hookup and landing with a few doubles in-between for fun.  We did not see a single boat from Johns Pass out and then back in.  This is the second week in row we found them in the exact same place Hope this helps.. enjoy..  :)


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