Yankee Capt Pulley Ridge 5/10 to 5/13

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I had the pleasure of making another trip on the Yankee Capt to Pulley Ridge.   Plenty of familiar faces at the dock plus a few groups of new guys.  We left the dock to overcast skies and a 15 mph wind.  Leading up to the trip I checked the weather forecast my usual 3 or 4 times a day  and every time I checked the weather looked wonderful. That is  until Thursday morning when the forecast started showing rain through the weekend and wind  starting at 10 to 15 but building to 15-20 by Saturday.  Not exactly ideal conditions for deep dropping in 600-700 foot.  
With a following sea I slept like a baby on the ride out.  Waking up just before any hint of day break I was suprised to find a few guys already trolling. I joined them as the sun just began to rise. It was looking fishy with flyers busting everywhere and the sun trying  to peek over the horizon and under the overcast skies.   Short lived though. Just after finishing my first cup of coffee Mike and Garrett came back and said for everyone to put away the trolling rods because they needed to clear the stern to set up the sea anchor. Hmmm will we be fishing on the bank instead of deep dropping? Surprisingly not.  Greg came on the PA saying we would be fishing 600, gave the normal speech about how to rig, bait to use etc.  I was expecting all the lines to blow right back to the stern but to my delight the drift was nice, with lines drifting a little towards the stern but mostly out the port side. Ideal! 
We made fairly long drifts with a steady pic of snowy grouper, some stud yellow edge, and the biggest grey tiles I’ve seen.  One yellow edge was easily 25 and there many grey tiles over 12 some as big as 15 pounds.  I split time fishing bait on my Tanacom and jigging a diamond jig on a manual reel.  Just before lines in, I scored back to back snowys on the diamond jig with the biggest being 24 pounds. Had a 12 pound tile on jig too. 
By the time to move up top for the night fishing we had filled two of the three back boxes with a bunch of quality fish.  Pretty darn impressive considering the wind and the rain we had all day. 
 The night bite was insane.....as soon as we started fishing a few muttons and grouper came up, then the rain really came down.  It was pouring, windy and cold but the fish did not care. The tuna showed up and  you could literally catch as many as you cared to.  For a while you could not get a bait to the bottom without a blackfin picking it off on the way down. Guys fishing jigs were wearing them out. Tim and Luis (from Jax) must of caught a dozen each in a row. I kept a couple then let a few go and then decided to get some sleep.  Hit the rack and slept for 7.5 hours!! 
Due to the wind we stayed up top the second day.  Fishing was good with a steady pick of muttons, scamp, red grouper and a couple blackfin snapper.  We picked away at them until by trips end Saturday evening we had filled the back and the front boxes.  
Arriving back the dock the offload was pretty impressive.  I think they loaded the totes twice lol.  Despite the conditions Greg and crew put us on the fish.  The ability to adapt to the conditions with the sea anchor has created the possibility of epic trips on days that would’ve been a bust or no go in the past.  
Big thanks to Greg, Mike, Garret, Jeff and Chef Chad for another outstanding trip!! 


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