Gas Tank replacement Palm Beach

FredMenorFredMenor Lake Worth FLPosts: 1 Greenhorn
Need to have my floor cut open and then reglassed to replace the tank on my Parker and the one guy I found doesn't look like he will ever get to it. Any tips appreciated


  • squidvicioussquidvicious Posts: 529 Officer
    this is a very common thing - parker foams the tank in place,the foam will hold water against the aluminum.another point to pay attention to,the fuel fill/vent hoses - these will make a heavy bend,allowing the hose to chafe and wear.BE SURE TO REPLACE ALL HOSING. that tanks,it needs to be solvent cleaned,scuff sanded,solvent clean again,chemical etch prime and coated in an epoxy - this is how to properly protect aluminum.chocks need to be fabricated,to secure tank... bad news: EVERY parker I replaced a fuel tank in,had dry rotting in the stringers,deck and bulkheads.parker uses wood,unprotected's often pretty ugly,once the deck is cut....
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