Shoot Out Misery

12 May 2018...Wabasso/Grand Harbor/Johns island...Central Florida Shootout...Disaster du 
Jour.  Decided to try a night trip, launched at 2130, slow speed run to Pine Island, this was alternate plan, water too low for original plan.  Top water on the edge of the bar, 3 casts and a big hit, head light on, big Ladyfish.  Buried a hook in the back of my leg. Should quit and go home, ripped the hook out and kept fishing.  War Department mad about another sock ruined, and I did not go to the ER.  Next stop, the cut.  On the run down skipped out what looked like a huge Pompano, possibly a Shark or Ray.  Not enough water to fish, Mullet everywhere.   Hobart Landing Island, nothing.  North end of Hole In The Wall, short Snook.  Pole into the mud bay, Mullet everywhere, foul hooked one on a top water.  Several bumps and thumps in one of the holes, no hookups.  Johns Island Bridge, a few short Snook, problem, Ladyfish were thick.  Try the deep edges off of the spoil islands, short Trout and Snapper.  Grand Harbor, started at the South bridge, bait all over, small fish crashing, spotted a high arc fin working at the surface, thinking that it was a Lookdown.  Back past the Golf Cart Bridge, short Snapper and Short Snook, again, loaded with Mullet.  Sun rise, on the way out, several triangle fins working their way through the Mullet.  Johns Island, maybe pull a Snook or Red out of the Mangroves.  Pitching with the Baby Vudu Shrimp, pair of Sheepshead, more short Snook. Back in the deeper area, Several Tarpon Rolling and Sheepshead lip Smacking.  No shots at any of them, focused on tournament fish.  Hope for the future, spotted a school of Baby Uglies.  Head for home, quick stop at the North end of Pine Island.  Slot Trout, released, knew that I could not get to the drawing (Preakness weekend).  Hooked up with a freight train, 100 yards of braid out, well into backing, thinking oversized Ugly or Red, finally pulled the hook.  Second time that a mystery fish has hit and run that hard.


  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 608 Officer
    you sir are a fishin fool! Great read, thanks for sharing.....also hard core ripping the hook out, make sure you get it cleaned up good!
    we need more internet money
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 18,786 AG
    Sounds like you hit it usual John. 
    There are many roads to travel
    Many things to do.
    Knots to be unraveled
    'fore the darkness falls on you
  • jhdog13jhdog13 Posts: 177 Deckhand
    No more misery, won the boat in the drawing.
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