5/12 & 5/13 Melbourne Beach and BBI


Drove up to Melbourne to do some surf fishing to start the weekend off. Lots of grass washing ashore that made fishing a nightmare. Picked up a couple of whiting for the cooler and some small black drum, runners, and catfish that went back. Cloudy day that threatened to rain but never did. Weather man would give us our share of rain the next day. 




Crew wanted to try and get offshore to get our fresh fish fix and start to get some meat in the freezer. No fish left is a problem for us. Need to keep a variety of meat in the freezer to keep everyone happy. 

Late start for me and cleared the inlet around 9am. With the ominous weather on the horizon we didn't want to push too far if we had to run for cover. Put some hoos out around 300ft and trolled east. Lots of scattered grass and flyers around. Didn't take long for a Skippy to hit and first fish went into the cooler. Don't think we went past 450ft today. Picked away at 4 legal size fish that went into the cooler and lots of small ones to keep me busy rigging baits for the course of the day. We did get rained on several times through out the day while avoiding the worst of the weather. Crew never complained and wanted to keep going. Back at the dock by 2pm. All fish we on the long baits. Skirt color didn't matter today.





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Sushi for dinner last night and fried whiting and dolphin for dinner tonight.

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