LWI 5-12-18

Havent posted in sometime been enjoying the new baby girl so been about 7 months now since i have been out. really had a bad itch lately with the decent reports of fish offshore. started off a little bumpy on the way to the ramp when a bearing went on trailer. said screw it and rode to ramp with 3 wheels worked out fine. i was hoping this wasnt going to be the way we started off the day. anyway broke the inlet at 6:45 and ran southeast lines in @ 100' and trolled some naked hoos and a couple chuggers nothing special. picked up first 24" dolphin in around 500' tagged and released for research. kept heading southeast looking for the magic weedline lots of scattered out there finally found some nice patches near 700-800 saw a few boats sitting on it trolled past and started loading up. picked off a couple 26-30" dolphin school had mostly 19-21" fish tagged a few more in the 20" range kept a couple of the bigger ones lost a 10lber out of the boat when he decided to do a backflip off the gaff to never be seen again. jumped off another 8-10lber and picked off one or 2 more in the 26" range for dinner. last hoo of the day clearing weeds something grey hounding behind picked up dropped it back for 5 seconds seen this massive fish jump out the water and game on. after a 10min battle and some nice runs gaff shot to the gill and slammed a 30lb cow on the deck biggest so far in some time now. wind started picking up and so did the seas hit the reef off breakers to try for muttons and lost one fish it was slow. went back out to 400' trolled in from there with no other hits called it around 3:00pm, final tally 7 fins caught maybe 15 but released if under 25". at the docks quite a few schoolies being cleaned but nothing big. all in all a successful first trip to get the dust off. definitely good action out there right now got to love the mahi mayhem. i'll post pics later of the days catch, on desktop right now and pics on phone. 


  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 388 Deckhand
    Sounds like a pretty busy day.  
  • SluiceBox1SluiceBox1 Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Yes Gary it was. luckily i'm no stranger to changing wheel bearings once we got back to the ramp we changed it out in 15,mins. Turned out to be a great day. also did see one sailfish tailing about 50ft from boat while trolling. 
  • SluiceBox1SluiceBox1 Posts: 14 Greenhorn
  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 817 Officer
    Stayed inside 250 and got Nada. Glad the run to deeper water was worth it.
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