Solo SLI 5/10 & 5/11

Fished solo 5/10 & 5/11. Grabbed a bunch of live bait from Stuart live bait but didn’t need it . Six mahi caught on the troll with exception of the king. 


  • TunachaserTunachaser Posts: 153 Deckhand
    Nice work👍
  • CoastalCatchCoastalCatch Lighthouse PointPosts: 319 Deckhand
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    Your solo effort was handsomely rewarded!  :) 

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  • Dustin BoyntonDustin Boynton Boynton beachPosts: 328 Deckhand
    Nice job!  It's always harder catching them solo
  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 101 Deckhand
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    I lost a bull to one of these cows at the boat. 3 out of the 6 had bulls right next to them. If I had another body on the boat we might have gotten lucky. 
  • Salty GatorSalty Gator Posts: 1,806 Captain
    It's tough to handle bigger fish by yourself.  Strong work!
  • flknifemakerflknifemaker Posts: 112 Deckhand
    Great work 
  • ShoelessShoeless Posts: 2,104 Captain
    Solid work, I really enjoy solo days!!!
  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 388 Deckhand
    Nice catch.  I like the solo trips...the challenge of doing everything alone especially when you get a double header is pretty cool.  Problem is when you lose one there is no one else to blame  :) .   
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