5/12 weedline fishing inside the ledge

Today we decided to head offshore around 10 am and spend the day fishing weed lines 100-130 ft looking for dolphin. Scattered weeds were horrible. Made it  nearly impossible to fish at certain times. We fished and trolled along at least 20 separate weedlines, and nothing to show for. The only dolphin bite we had was in 90ft of water at the first weedline we fished lol. We spent 5 hours straight running and fishing different lines. Overall the dolphin fishing was horrible today to say the least, mainly due to the scattered weeds. We stopped at a reef on the way in and caught 3 Beeliners at about 630pm and decided to call it. The reef fishing was exciting saw lots of bonita on the surface, spadefish, red snapper following my jigs to the top, big cuda sitting under the boat. Overall just happy to catch something 


  • Sky KingSky King Posts: 313 Deckhand
    Just being on the water is the best catch of the day some times! Thanks for the report. 
  • minnowsnmonstersminnowsnmonsters Posts: 368 Deckhand
    We were deeper (out to 275ft) to the SE of Mayport and with only a couple exceptions most of the weeds were broken up as well. We got a few off of a defined line in 168' but it was slow for us overall, heard mixed reports on the radio. Any day on the ocean is a good day!
  • WeberWeber Posts: 110 Deckhand
    We spent about 7 hours trolling, more like clearing lines from the grass.
  • AltonAlton St AugustinePosts: 92 Greenhorn
    We went outta vilano not stooping until we got to 125' water was74.5. Only stopped then cause we seen a massive weeding with life undeneath. Pink chugger produced a peanut 21" within 5 minutes after deploying. We thought this day was gonna awesome. 7 hours later we found ourselves 60 miles offshore in 200' water was 78. And that same 21"peanut was very lonely in the fishbox, although we kept opening it hoping it was multiplying on its on somehow . We tried all different speeds,all different colors distance from weedless everything. Great day on the water. Had to eat hamburgers for supper
  • deadbuckdeadbuck Posts: 60 Greenhorn
    seems like fish were further out. we caught ours in 250' and 700' 
  • AltonAlton St AugustinePosts: 92 Greenhorn
    That the way it sounds from other post
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