Blues Runner FRI 5/11/18

Ran to just inside of BR Friday morning. Mixed seas on the way out but able to run at 30 MPH comfortably. Water temperature showing 72ish leaving the jetties. Began to see flyers about 15 miles out. Surprised too see that with the low water temps.  Plenty of grunts along with a few large sardines and cigar minnows on the sabikis in a short time at BB. We ran out to 100 feet and began pulling in triggers and 20-25lb snappers. Brought in an upper teen king fish on the flat line with a cigar minnow. No cobia's or grouper made a showing. Picked up sea bass on the ride west in 80 feet of water. We watched in awe at our sea bass spot as a 10 foot tiger shark made a meal of a hooked red snapper about 15 feet from the boat. Unfortunate for the snapper, but the majesty of a fish that size always amazes me. Too slow with camera to be able to share the tiger shark. The water temps climbed a couple degrees as the day progressed. Radio chatter had some positive mahi reports from boats returning from the stream. Scattered weeds from 20 to 30 miles out. Not a bunch of surface action. We did see what looked like a school of rays on the surface at 30 miles out. Too slow on the anchor retrieve to see if they had any company. Flat ride back in at 40 MPH. Beautiful day out there!  



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