Sunfish ID

mplspugmplspug Palmetto FloridaPosts: 7,991 Admiral
Little redear?

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  • CountryBumpkinCountryBumpkin Fla. Piney WoodsPosts: 1,401 Officer
    Hard to tell at that size and there are a million different ones and hybrids in our state.

    My best guess though would be green sunfish......mostly due to the vertical banding that runs the whole width instead of just the fishes upper side portion.

    I say......I say & improved my tail feathers.

  • Kokosing LoverKokosing Lover Posts: 561 Officer
    My first thought was warmouth.
  • mplspugmplspug Palmetto FloridaPosts: 7,991 Admiral
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    I didn't think the mouth was very big for a warmouth when I was holding it, but it looks big in that 2nd picture.

    Update: I googled images and I think it is a warmouth.  Smaller ones have those vertical bands.

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  • SSN651SSN651 Posts: 97 Greenhorn

    Chuck  :p
  • Florida BullfrogFlorida Bullfrog Posts: 2,129 Captain
    Warmouth like the kind you see a lot of in roadside ditches and temporary woods ponds. 
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 973 Officer
    Redear would have a long and pointed pectoral
    Green would have dusky spots in the dorsal, similar to bluegill; plus they don't occur in Florida

    That is a warmouth
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