My 2018 turkey season

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Started off with a boom when I was able to call in a bird for my son on opening morning here in Georgia. I was able to get another bird in to 22 steps a few days later, TWICE, but never saw him. My buddy watched the whole thing and was amazed I didn't kill him. On April 5, my son and I flew to south Texas for his first Rio hunt which also coincided with his 25th birthday which is the 6th. The morning of the 6th, I called in his first Rio, which would be the first of 4 that we got that day. Wound up with 5 Rio's on that hunt and then came home. Things slowed dramatically as the weather and the birds just didn't work right. I was finally able to get back in the game last week. I called up 7 different birds that week, but was only able to connect with two of them. Killed the first at 0720, then called in another that I killed at 0805. The next day I had a bird at 20yds, but it was so thick that I couldn't get a clear shot. Saved him for Saturday and took my son and he was able to connect


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    Nice season.  So many on so many forums are claiming poor success.  
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    I joined a new club this season and the club members were killing me. Had them riding through my setups daily. Finally got that under control with a threat to the president of the club. Then we hit a huge lull where I didn't hear a bird for almost 2 weeks. Keep in mind that I turkey hunt EVERY DAY!!!!! But all of a sudden, it was like a light switch got flipped. Last week I called up seven birds with a trumpet, 3 died. I had 2 in range, but it was very thick in that area. I had the looker bird in sight, but really wanted that strutter. Should have shot the other bird as he saw something he didn't like, putted and both ran off.
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    Congrats on the success!

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    Congrats on good times with your Son....nothing better IMO

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