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Fly tying at Harry Goode's 11/19

Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,381 Captain
We've changed our normal schedule to accommodate everyones Thanksgiving plans. So this coming Saturday at 1pm we'll be having our November class and we'll be tying up some grocery flies. Adam, one of our regulars, requested an old school tarpon streamer for this Saturday, so that's what we're going to be tying up. We're also going to discuss variations of this pattern, and how you can change this pattern up to work on everything from redfish and pompano to smallmouth bass.

Another change this Saturday is the addition of a 3pm class for our younger tyers. We've seen the addition of many younger tyers to our group this year, and there were some concerns that they may not be getting the attention they deserve. We have 4 volunteers to assist the little grommets with their tying, and for our first meeting we're going to do a bucktail clinic. Everything a young tyer needs to know about bucktail, and then of course we're going to put that knowledge to work by tying up a bucktail deciever.

As always Rich has donated the materials for this Meeting, all you need to bring is your vise and your tools. Please call to reserve you seat ahead of time, the number at Harry Goode's is (321) 723-4751

-See ya there.

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