1720 with a 140?

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With my 115 etec turning 1000 on the hour meter I have been contemplating motors for when that sad day comes. Anyone out there with something bigger than a 115 on their 1720? Or hell, just rode in or seen one? Suzuki has a very reasonably priced 140 that has some gears turning in my head...


  • vtxridervtxrider MiamiPosts: 4 Greenhorn
    I just repowered with a Suzuki 115 and will let you know my results when I have some data.

    I did a lot of research deciding between the 115 and 140.  As you may know it's difficult give the lack of data and torque curves published on outboards.  From everything I have read combined with what I know about engines with very similar blocks and components, I believe that there is very little real world difference between the 115 and 140.  They should perform the same from the lower RPM range through the middle range.  Most difference is probably in the upper RPM range and probably above 5000 RPM through the WOT max of 6200.

    Given this belief, I am hoping that the 115 will give me a top speed in low to mid 40s and an easy cruise at 3500 RPM.  For me and my area I think there will be few opportunities to go WOT so I chose the save $1000 and go 115.

    Right now I am just starting the break in so I'll let you know what I see.
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 8,520 Admiral
    The 140 is just a tuned up version of the same block as the 115 correct?  so weight isn't an issue they should weigh the same.   Just seems like massive overkill to have that much on a 17' boat. 

    sportsman makes an island reef 19 that I thought the 140 would be perfect for but it's only rated for a 115 too.    
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  • vtxridervtxrider MiamiPosts: 4 Greenhorn
    My 1720 is rated for 135, I understand some were rated for 150.

    Yes the 140 is a tuned up version with some component differences between the 115.  Actually the 140 weighs about 5 lbs less than the 115 mainly I think due to a different intake manifold from what I've read.  

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