Getting Back into Fishing. Gear Suggestions?

TheFriendlyNeckbeardTheFriendlyNeckbeard JacksonvillePosts: 1 Greenhorn
As I am nearing completion of my Bachelor's Degree, I'm finally able to begin fishing again! But within the past few years, I've had to sell most of my fishing gear. I am pretty out of the loop and was wondering if anyone can suggest some good gear (rods, reels, baits and lures) for largemouth bass and general fresh water fishing! 


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,193 Officer
    Congratulations on graduating college.  A 6 1/2-7' MH decent baitcasting rod with a good reel and 12-15 lb mono or fluorocarbon line for general use.  Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater, big worms etc.  A 7-71/2' Heavy baitcasting rod for flipping/pitching and frogs with 50-65 lb braided line.  A 6 1/2-7' Medium spinning rod for finesse and casting lighter lures with 8-12 lb mono or fluorcarbon.  For lures Texas rigged worms are my mainstay with spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and topwater second.  You'll need some frogs for places that are covered with weeds and pads, I find the black/dark ones are the best.Everyone has their favorite brand of rods and reels but I've been building mine lately with Rainshadow Immortal blanks.  They're not too expensive and very sensitive.  The better BassPro rods are good when they're on sale.  Don't order sight unseen from a catalog go feel the equiptment you're going to buy.    
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    Welcome aboard !!  Alex is spot on. Those three setups will cover all the bases . Depending on where and the type of water you will fish most, will determine which or all of the combos you will need. Good luck. 
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