Fun trip on the water with a friendly forum member. 4/29 Yankeetown.

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I asked a bit ago if anyone had room on a boat and had a few responses.  I got busy the day I had chosen but my wife and I ended up meeting up with a forum member a week later to try one last time for Snook before the season closed.  
    It was fairly windy so we did not go very far offshore but tried a number of spots inshore near the Crystal River power plant, the channel, a few of the islands, and a bit into the Withlacoochee River.   The fish seemed to be tight lipped which resulted in not that many tight lines but we did end up catching a decent sized Whiting and an overslot Red which my wife happily hooked up with.
    Overall it was a fun day out on the water with a new friend and we got to explore a new area that we had not fished yet.  We really liked the area and will definitely return in the future.
    We have gone out in kayaks for the last year and had never been out in a boat any larger than our recently purchased Gheenoe.  We greatly appreciate Snook Spankers hospitality, protips, and fun fishing stories.  I learned a lot and we look forward to our next fishing expedition with Uncle P!


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    Sounds fun, trophy red is gravy 
    You should have been here yesterday
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    Pete's a good guy and fun to fish with. Nice redfish.
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    I told Spanker to get ahold of you. I couldn't get away. Glad you had a good day.
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    I had a great time fishing w/ these very enthusiastic Yungunz out around my new home waters! Well to an old geezer like me me they were Young! Those dang fishes had Full Moonitis big time!!! Tried most of my sure bet places and threw everything in the box at them w/ notta strike! I was tickled when Meredith showed us how to hook and land that beautiful red!! If it wasn't for the full moon high tide we never would have gotten into that spot where she caught it but I'd have much rather been in there on a new moon high tide!!! You Gize are welcome in my Tub anytime, maybe next time you and I might even catch something? 
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    Good dill, looks like everyone had fun.
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