Engine Sputtering After Service

ganny76ganny76 Posts: 249 Deckhand
Took the boat in for the annual service two weeks ago.  Engine is a 200 yamaha ox66.  He did the normal service and replaced the fuel sending unit to make the gauge work.  Took it out today for the first time since the service and it won't run.  Idles fine, but over 100 RPM's and it spits and sputters.  Anything quick I can check?  I have a call in to the service place but they are closed on weekends.  


  • proline19proline19 Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    Make sure fuel filter is on tight 
  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,288 Officer

    Years ago, when i had to take my brand new Zuke in for it’s 20 hr maintenance (that was required by the warranty contract) some idiot  at a Miami dealership cross threaded the fuel filter on the water separator so tight that it left a 1/4 inch of space between the housing and the filter. Of course the engine died at the ramp every time I cranked it up.

     Some moron “mechanic” had screwed on the filter so tight that it was impossible to remove. At the ramp I by-passed the water separator by disassembling an air gauge I had in my truck and used the 3/8’s inch tube to connect the two fuel lines. Then we headed out and limited out on doradoes. 

     The next day I put the water separator in a vise and still could not remove the cross threaded fuel filter. When I returned to the dealership to get a refund they accused me of cross threading the filter.  They also could not remove the filter from my brand new water separator and refused to give me a new one. I replied that I had used a credit card for my 20 hr service and would instigate a fraud charge with Visa if they did not pony up a new water separator and filter. Then they reluctantly gave me a new one. I never went back to that dealership.

     I won’t mention the dealership since I believe it was bought out by a different company that is headquartered in West Palm and has a different name since the above incident.

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