Crystal River 50 miles Offshore Big Gags, ARS, and Kingfish

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A nice couple messaged me because of my YouTube channel and never really caught a fish before. Decided it was time to break in their beautiful 27’ Ameracat with some grouper and snapper. I added Jake an Butch because they know the offshore stuff a little better than I do. Didnt make it to 70ft till almost 3pm but it was worth it! The big gags and red snapper were very plentiful. Got like 8 keeper gags in 2 hours biggest 4 were all 28-33” and like 50 big red snapper. 1 surprise 25lb kingfish as well. Got 3 hogfish on shrimp. And 1 surprise lesser amberjack. All snapper an gags were caught on finger mullet, cut mackerel, live pins. To get past the snapper for gags i liked palm size chunk of mackerel. Hope they are still around when they are legal! Sorry the video is long but editing all that film isn’t easy lol 

Go pro Video


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