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Updated Florida Sportsman Fish Rulers

PCGheenoeBoyPCGheenoeBoy Posts: 20 Greenhorn
Where can I buy a new 2018 FL sportsman ruler with all the new and updated sizes and bag limits??


  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 9,674 Admiral
    edited May 2018 #2
    You would think that they would advertise them on the site and give members a discount. Instead all we get are ads that are driven by our previous searches. I guess they sold the advertising rights to a third party.

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  • swampwalkerswampwalker Posts: 2,359 Captain
    Yes - I need one!
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  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 15,402 AG
    The sticker rulers?   I was given an FWC one at the Boat show.    Doesn't have bag limits on it though or size.  Which I thought was kind of  odd 
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  • PCGheenoeBoyPCGheenoeBoy Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    We need to figure this out 
  • Aquaholic IVAquaholic IV Posts: 939 Officer
    Sadly, those rulers were discontinued about 2 or more years ago.  Without a doubt, they were the best resource.  Best recommendation is to get a free FWC ruler or a free one from Sea Tow which is just the ruler and then download "Fish Rules" from the app store which is free.  It has every fish in it with the laws based upon where you are located.  It includes pictures, edibility, and how to differentiate similar looking fish.  Highly recommend.  
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