Charity auction item - deep sea fishing lures

Charrob16Charrob16 MiramarPosts: 1 Greenhorn
So I started a charity trading type of auction where people trade up items until we reach the top (whatever that is) then the final item is sold and the proceeds donated to charity.  What charity you say, everyone who contributes an item gets to put their charity in the hat and we pick the winning charity at random.  I'm at round 1, what did I receive - fishing lures!  Not a big market for these but this is where I'd expect to find a trader.  The pic is of 1 lure but there are 5 more like it included.  I estimate the value at $20 and will trade for something equal or better.  Time to clear out that thing in your garage.  Text me at 786.302.2144 or email at [email protected]
I think God will bless this trade and these lures will bring you good luck.
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