Ranger 2180/Yamaha F150 4 stroke Prop ??

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Looking at an 04 2180, has Yamaha F150.  Performance numbers owners reports are disappointing, like 38 with full tank and three people.  It currently has an M17 prop.  Question is, will this motor turn a 19 pitch or higher?



  • TaylormadeTaylormade Posts: 60 Greenhorn
    Isn't that motor considered undersized for that boat? Every one I've seen has had at LEAST a 200 hanging off the back with most having a 225? 
  • 04_218004_2180 GeorgiaPosts: 2 Greenhorn
    Probably so, but need to make do until I can repower.
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    There's a lot of great info on FS but when you have a prop question I have found propgods.com is the best place to get your questions answered, good luck.

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    Just what I can tell you from running fast bassboats. That hull with that much fuel in it loaded to fish with a 150 of any kind are decent numbers. When we wanted to run our boats for the river runs we’d take out the bow decks off the trolling motor drop all the tackle and only have half a tank tops. That was running my built 225 2 stroke turning a 27 and only saw mid 90s. My hull was prob sitting in the water at 1000lbs tops. 
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