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4/30 FPI

GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 1,515 Captain
Went out this morning, left the dock at 6:30 and was back in the inlet at noon.  It was rough and getting worse so we cut it short.  We got a 'cuda at about 100ft.  Also had 2 other hits shortly after the 'cuda however lost both.  Not sure if they were kings or something else.    One broke the line almost instantly and the 2nd ripped a chuck out of the ballyhoo but didn't get him.  Was happy to get one because I had some visitors in but it was pretty rough.  Looks like the winds are going to be pretty strong the next couple of days so we'll switch to some river fishing.  


  • CoastalCatchCoastalCatch Lighthouse PointPosts: 515 Officer
    Thanks for posting...I was contemplating taking out some guests also and thankful I didn't...

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