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Shrimp traps?

I know people use them in Titusville, but anyone ever hear of these working in Edgewater or NSB?  If i left the overnight and checked the next day? And whats a good bait if so?


  • fish_stixfish_stix Posts: 1,365 Officer
    You might get a violation if you leave them unattended. I got a $50.00 ticket on Eau Gallie Causeway years ago because I was 50 feet away from my traps using my dipnet. Traps must be attended when in the water.
  • FlecFlec Posts: 655 Officer
    I don't think you need to bait them, we never did, but that was 40 years ago
  • LivinTheDreamPCLivinTheDreamPC Posts: 223 Deckhand
    Hey.  Been a long time for me also.  So here is the 101 shrimp trap tutorial.  This is not the final authority and I am many years rusty out of this hobby but i used to crush them under the 528 bridge.  Shrimp traps do not require any bait of any kind.  They are most effective layed up flush against seawalls.  So your trap is in a rectangle shape right?  So the short side of the trap needs to be rubbing against the seawall and the long sides of the traps be facing east and west or north and south depending on where your shrimping.  At night time the shrimp crawl along the bottom in the rivers to get where they are going.  They also can hide in the mud during sensitive water temp situations.  Florida Law requires that you be present whenever your shrimp traps are deployed.  Also a quick fix is write your name and address on a small piece of wood or plastic or metal and tie the rope to that lay on the seawall and the other end of the rope tie to your trap.  This will put you in compliance of florida law.  The causeways were always the most productive for me because they are sort of a bottle neck of current flow.  I used to let my traps soak for 30 to 45 mins and pull and check.  Gives ya something to do.  Also note:  It is perfectly legal to run a light over / near your traps.  Buy ya a 20 to 30 dollar net and you can dip blue crabs swimming along while your waiting your 30 min soak time to check your traps.  Also the smaller shrimp I used to keep one of those popping floats with the rattles on it rigged up.  I would bait a shrimp and lean it off the back of my truck and catch trout, and crabs and shrimp all in the same time.    Fun economical night for the family.  Bridge fishin folks generally keep to themselves also and wont talk to you much unless you first talk to them.  So be courteous they are prolly been fishin there a lot longer than you.    Also one last thing.  This is unwritten shrimper educate.   So any time before dark you can 'stake out' your place along the wall.  Line up your shrimp traps on the wall this 'claims' your spot.  I like to set them about six to eight feet apart.  Your allowed 4 traps I do belive (please check this stat cuz i not sure laws changed or not)  I think its 4 traps per person.  So there is two of you, you can have 8 traps.  And on land you are allowed 5 gallons per person.  However bridge shrimping will rarely get your 5 gallons but you will get much much larger shrimp than the dippers in the boats are getting.   Good luck, hope that helps.   
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