A few questions before Archery season next year

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Well, season's over here in my neck of the woods (as are most on this forum), and I've got a few questions getting ready for next season.  Sure, I'll come up with a few more too ;)

For starters, I noticed acorns everywhere in high abundance this season.  Is this what everyone else noticed?  I'm presuming this is what would be called a mast year?  What does this tell me about next year?

Also, I've read that guys stay out of the wood during the summer, to let things quiet down (or is it because it's miserably hot and mosquito infested? lol).  On the quota wma I hunt, I'm good with that.  I know the lay of the land pretty well.  But my romp and stomp, due to sooo much pressure, still needs a lot of scouting as I don't really have a 'spot'. 

So a few questions about that.  When should I stop scouting?  When should I pick things back up again?  Or, does it really matter??  Would once a month during the summer to grab or move a trail cam be ok?  Or should I really give it few months..  

Seems like since general gun ended, I see deer everywhere all the time.  Is my presence really disturbing them?  I honestly wonder the same thing about smell... aren't they used to people for the most part?  I hunt the wind for sure, but do I really need to worry about staying off main trails, the smell of leather boots and touching things while scouting?


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    Yes, No, No
    "I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me"
  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 614 Officer
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    ^That's original.. 

    Guess with season done, all we've got left on here are birdhunters and chitstarters lol

    I guess I can still check in here and see when the meetings are that affect duck hunters :D
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    I don’t think a summertime presence in WMAs disturbs them much, especially in the middle of the day. I wouldn’t recommend sitting and otherwise acting like a hunter at daylight and dark. One year on my last lease I varmint hunted hard thruout the summer in the evenings and I think it negatively impacted deer movements that Fall. 

    I believe there’s never a wrong time to be in the woods in terms of scouting. Sure food sources change but you’ll learn so much more by knowing what they’re doing year round. Overall travel routes don’t change a lot. Only utilization of specific food sources change. 
  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 614 Officer
    Thanks Bullfrog!  I will scout on!
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    You ask ridiculous questions on here over and over again, what do you expect?!?!?!
    "I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me"
  • Dshaw94Dshaw94 Posts: 109 Deckhand
    They're deer not rocket scientists, All this goofy information folks get from the hunting shows and "experts" is far better left where you found it.
    "I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me"
  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 614 Officer

    For those, like me, that are actually on here to learn something or teach something, or to discuss/debate a topic, thank you.  I believe that is what a forum is for.

    For whatever it is worth, I don't watch hunting shows.  99% of everything I regurgitate comes from reading.  Lots on this forum because it's the only real resource for new hunters in florida.  Everything I look to clarify, comes from conflicting posts, probably posted by people like you to intentionally stir the pot and spread misinformation.  Thanks for participating.. in your own sad way.
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    Ask 10 hunters these questions, and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. I would try not to disturb any area you plan on hunting within a month or two before the hunt. Try scout for moving deer (typically early or late in the day) from a distance using binoculars. If checking your camera, do it mid day when your less likely to bump into deer or pigs. Also being  scent free never hurts. I try to scout areas during the cooler months (small game or turkey) usually there’s less foliage and you can see game trails easier, and cover ground easier with cooler temperatures. Nothing beats putting your time in and having success!....good luck!
  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 614 Officer
    ^^Great feedback!  Thank you!!!  I wish I could be that concise and effective lol  Plus, I know this one I can trust :)  People create reputations on here, whether they are aware of it or not ;D

    I know there a many ways to skin a cat.  I just wanna make sure I'm not doing something that would be catastrophic to my success.  Thanks again.
  • gritsnhuntin1gritsnhuntin1 Posts: 802 Officer
    It usually takes 3 seasons though learn a place. Sometimes more.
  • relicshunterrelicshunter Posts: 513 Officer
    I usually wait until the summer rains get the grass/weeds growing good, then you can see the new worn paths. Or scout a few days after a good heavy rain and confirm paths by new hoof prints. 
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    You should be wrapping up your scouting for the year. I scout like crazy after our season is over and through out turkey season. From here on out I'll only go into a spot once or twice at the most. Finding an early season buck (mature) to hunt seems to one of the most difficult tasks in hunting. If you do find one you'll blow it if you go in there more than once or twice-theirs too many places they can stay where no one will bother them at all.
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