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JUP 4/28/18

Bought pilchards before heading out and went North to two different spots looking for more bait but couldn’t find any. Seas were choppy 2’-3’ and close period with steady N/NW wind. It got better as the day went on. Plan was to do some drifts first and troll if it was slow on the ledge. First stop in 100’ SE of the pier and away from the fleet. Immediately after stopping the boat, a big loggerhead came out next to the boat surrounded by peanuts. Kept one and released the rest (bunch of shorts or just at 20”). Repeated the drift 4 to 5 times with multiple hookups. Got a strong bite that cut the leader so switch all leaders with a piece of wire. Was fishing pilchards on top and half way in the water column. Was also working the bottom which to my surprise, didn’t produce a single snapper. Every trip to this spot has always produced good yellowtails and on occasions, vermilions. This trip, remoras and triggers off the bottom. Another surprise is that we caught the biggest dolphin of the day on a triple j-hook rig with a sardine on it. All the action was between 100’ and 220’. I meant to report this on Saturday after our trip but rum got in my way! Good luck out there!


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