1998 Yamaha 115 V4 will not cold start

flsnookhunterflsnookhunter Posts: 196 Deckhand
Out of nowhere, my 1998 Yamaha 115 V4 will not cold start. Unless I spray a small amount of starting fluid into the carbs (I know, I know, this one does have lubricant in it though).
I know how to properly start the engine also, so that's not the issue. Once it does get started it purrs like a kitten and runs great the rest of the day. Unless, I shut it off for about 2 or more hours. I'll get some answers out of the way and say that it was running great until a few weeks ago. I changed the plugs, messed with the idle adjustment screw, and did carb treatment with seafoam about 3 months ago, fuel and oil is fresh. Any suggestions? Thanks


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