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BBI 4/29

Like many others I'm sure, I don't post as often as I should, especially on the strike-outs...

After a couple trips with limited success in 150-450, decided to just run until we found something... A lot of weed lines in 400-800, but dirty water...stopped on several and trolled for a while with one small mahi to keep. Kept heading out and at ~15 miles found a great line. Lots of boats on it, but we set up to troll...after ~45 minutes with no success we stopped on one of the larger patches and started chumming with cut sardines and free lining pilchards... After 15-20min, we finally started getting bit with 24"-28" fish every 10-20min (mostly in pairs)...landed 4 and lost a few others... Best of luck out there.

PS - absolutely miserable coming back in the pass on a strong outgoing tide behind the drift-fish boats...felt like white water rafting


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