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FPI offshore. 4/28

well I’m usually the guy that comes here to look for reports but seeing how dead this forum is getting I figured I’d start posting reports instead of just lurking. Broke the inlet at day light and had a well full of live bait heading offshore. The plan was to troll til noon then live bait. Super super nasty offshore with a ripping NNW wind. Dropped a 9 rod spread in at 180ft and made our way out to around 500 and back in to 350ish and worked that area but the scattered weed and wind and lack of action took its toll and we decided to live bait. Set up a few nice hr long drifts with nothing but a few giant hammerheads and frayed fluorocarbon to show for it. Finished the day doing some jigging and catching a handful of almacos. Back to the ramp around 6, long day with not much to show for it. 


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