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Sailfish on Artificial

Headed out this morning with the intention to do some deep drop for Yelloweye or Vermilions.  Firstly, the weatherman really munched a waffle with the forecast.  Instead of NW 10-15, we had NW 20, and strong north current.  Since my first spot was 7 miles north of where I headed out, I decided to pull two wahoo lures and one long tuna lure just in case.  The wahoo lures were a black/pink islander, and an oversize pink lure my buddy brought.  I told him this lure looks good for marlin.  After a few miles we hooked a bonito on the long rod in 200', so we slowed to idle as I reeled it in.  Just then we see one of the wahoo rods has line going out, but not screaming out as you'd expect with a wahoo.  My buddy gets on it and it feels heavy.  Just then the line started coming up and a sail starts jumping.  The fight with the wahoo gear was short, but it was still a nice surprise.  We got a couple of photos and quickly let it go.  What's more, it ate the marlin lure!  Hey, I was close.  The deep drop with the current was tough, but we tried many spots from off Elliot to south of Carysfort.  The current was strong at first and slowed by noon, as did the wind.  With nothing to show for the effort by the afternoon I decided to do some drifts south of Carysfort in 130-160.  I started just off the few boats anchored on the mutton spot.  I didn't see any activity there, and in a while all the boats left.  All we got after several drifts was a red grouper.  The current died completely by the time we left.  Should have come in after the sail.


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