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Searching for Flounder

25 Apr 2018...Wabasso South/Vero… Day started on a bad note, road southbound was blocked in Sebastian, had to take the scenic route.  Even worse, in the afternoon, smoke blew in from the brush fires, figure a 3 pack day.  With tales of Gator Trout and Top Slot Reds in my head, Headed to Hobart Landing, no Trout, Hardhead Cats, Ladies and a 5 pound Sailcat.  Pine Island, short Snook and barely legal Snapper, really looking to find Flounder in the Mangroves, not happening today.  Spoil Islands, small Trout, a pair of barely legals.  Grand Harbor, more short Snook and a herd of Snapper, some legal.  Vero, did not play with the Sheepshead today, too busy looking for the ever illusive Flounder.  Working the Mangroves landed a 17 inch Little Ugly on a Rapala Flat Rap.  New experience, saw a Mud back in a pocket, normal Red indicator, not today hooked a Snook on the Baby Vudu.  Not sure what is happening with the Tarpon.  Saw three today, just idling back in the Mangroves, would not play.  All players released for future encounters.
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