Blackfin Tuna off SE Florida - 20 April 2018

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Launched off Deerfield Beach in the early AM to make bait.  It was not as easy as I had hoped, I found lots of pilchards at the Deerfield pier that were constantly falling off my Sabiki that has hooks for Goggle eyes.  I headed out with 1 pilchard and half a dozen gogs/runners as bait.  Activity was not as good as I had hoped.  I did not see any sky rocketing kings, and I later learned that I should have spent more time in shallow as there was still a good bite going on there for kings.  I headed out to the wrecks to find vertical jigging action was slow.  Since the current was not too bad, proceeded out to 350 ft where I meter a large amount of fish.  Most of the metered fish would not hit my vertical jig, but I did manage to get 5 Blackfin Tuna to bite.
Most of the metered Blackfin were not biting for good reason -- They were full.  This one had a bullet tuna, 2 flying fish and shrimp in his belly.  The bite maybe lasted 2 hours, then the current picked up and it became too difficult to work. 

I did not want to make a drift out of the day, so I headed in.  It was nice to finally catch some fresh tuna for sushi, cevichi and grilling :)  Tunas are out there, Go out and get them !


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    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
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    Hopefully they are out there this Saturday, I need my fix!
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    Great catch!
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    awesome trip, and pics! I went on out of jacksonville FL and had five tunas as well, but we were 60 MILES OUT!!! I like your method better LOL looks like a lot of fun!
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    BFT on jig - Sweet
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    Whelan said:
    BFT on jig - Sweet
    Thanks -- especially the bigger ones that are more frequently taken on bait.  That was a big BFT you caught last weekend, I an assuming that was a goggle eye ?
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    It was just short of 30lbs.  Yes - live bait - Goggle eye on flat line. 
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    WTG John. Your tearing them up as usual. Question. I see your depth finder is on a mount that is higher than any other I've seen. Did you make that or buy it? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing the pics and story.
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    Thanks Dave,  I made the mount using Ram components.  Follow the link to get an idea of what I used.

    The pipe requires gluing, and can be cut before you glue it.  Mine was cut down, and I used an 1-1/2" ball/socket on the base end.

    Good luck.
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    Dom said:
    Looking good, as usual, John. Out that deep you could do some quick drops for blue tilefish. 
    Thanks Dom,
    I had a Golden tile trip planned on a day when the wind forecast was West in the morning and East in the afternoon. We were able to fill our wells with Gogs, and after jigging up a few BFT in 350ft before heading out to 650, one of my mirage drive flippers unscrewed and slipped off :(  At 9am, we headed in against the morning wind and did not make it to the beach until noon.
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