Lever Drag reel anti reverse problems

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When hooked up with a fish that is pulling out line against a heavy drag setting, the anti reverse fails and the handle starts turning backwards to pay our the line instead of the drag slipping.  Anyone have this problem ?  and what is the best solution ?   This problem has occurred to me with a brand new Penn Fathom FTH40NLDHS.  It has also occurred with Diawa Saltist STTLD40HSH and Avet HX Raptor after a year of hard use vertical jigging.  I was able to repair the raptor by swapping out the outer break plate and the dog.  I believe the Penn is just a cheap reel and that under heavy drag the frame distorts just enough for the dog to disengage and fail.  Any suggestions for repairs for the Diawa Saltist ?  This is the 4th Saltist this has occurred on, and the MFG explainations for the previous 3 was various worn out or broken parts.  Most recent failed Saltist was 2 months out of warranty :(


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    John -

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. That is certainly not normal, the Fathom's have been very solid reels for us. It is a fully metal frame and I can assure you the frame is not distorting. Please send me an email at [email protected] and we can get you taken care of under warranty.

    Ben Joyce

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    Ben - 

    Appreciate the reply, the reel has been sitting in a box and is now over a year since purchase, but I am going to follow up on this for a better understanding, Thanks.
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    For future reference try to find reels that have the 2 system anti reverse, both the ar bearing and the anti dawg pawl.That way you have instant and permanent anti reverse.
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