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Opinions about e-Fence

joyescapejoyescape TexasPosts: 6 Greenhorn
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I am thinking of installing a wireless dog fence, but I am not that sure whether it will be a good alternative to a traditional wood gate. Is there anyone here who has an e-fence at home? What are the pros and cons of using this product?


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 5,016 Moderator
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    I have one.  A lot depends upon the dog and training it.  You just can't put it up and expect it to work without training the dog to not go thru it.  My daughters very smart border collie would chase a ball till she dropped dead.  The dog got zapped one time while chasing the ball near the fence.  A year later, my daughter visited again and the dog would not go near the fence even though he did not have teh collar on.   My wife's Aussie was trained to avoid the fence as a pup, and 10 years later, he still will not go near the fence but he has not even had the collar on for 6 years.  But a stubborn dog will bust it with no problem.  I had a cocker mix that was stubborn and busted it, even though we trained the dog with the flags like the instructions say to do. She busted the fence, got hit by a car and I was called by a cop who found her 2 blocks from my home at 2:30 AM to come and pick her up. 
  • dave44dave44 Posts: 11,545 AG
    We have one. We adopted a couple of stray pups a few years ago, and one of them likes to roam if he can. Once they learned the boundary it’s been fantastic, one of the collars quit working about a year ago, and if one of them looks like it might be pushing the boundaries it gets the working collar.
       If you are in a rural setting though, you should know that your dog can’t escape a predator or a pack of feral dogs( we have both, ours came from that). So we put them iup when we aren’t home. 
  • tagtag Posts: 8,920 Admiral
    I had a dog that would walk up to the fence until the collar started beeping then would lay down for a nap. Kept doing that until the battery died. Then would escape 
  • hatcityhatcity Stuart,FLPosts: 3,382 Captain
    they are great for keeping your dog on your property. BUT other dogs can still come in and start s--t
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  • joyescapejoyescape TexasPosts: 6 Greenhorn
    It seems like it will take time for me to train my home buddy. Thanks for sharing your insights guys, I really appreciate it. 
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 5,349 Admiral
    Depends on the dog, some can't be broke. The radio/transmitter version works better if you can do a circle perimeter at your place. 
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  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 13,281 AG
    Walked up on a few when I used to do pest control.  Dogs wanted a piece of my hind quarters but they stayed put on their property.   
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  • ferris1248ferris1248 Posts: 9,063 Moderator
    We had a wire Fox Terrier once and I put up an E fence. Worked for a couple days. Came home one day and the dog was sitting on the front porch. I scratched my head, figured the power must have gone off and put him back in the yard. Go inside and hear a strange yowling, wailing sound. I look outside and see the dog pacing back and forth making weird noises. All of a sudden he takes off towards the invisible fence. The closer he gets the louder the screaming and wailing. After breaking through the barrier, he sits down, shakes his head several times and trots off. I turned it up wide open. He just screamed louder as he made his next escape.

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  • SaltygatorvetSaltygatorvet TallahasseePosts: 5,808 Admiral
    hatcity said:
    they are great for keeping your dog on your property. BUT other dogs can still come in and start s--t
    You should have been here yesterday
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