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Sebastian Inlet 4/18 and East Forum Greetings

Apologize for the delay, but I had a trip to Disney with the grandkids the day after fishing. First off you'll see "Greenhorn" status but I've been on this forum since 2013, as I joined to stay connected while in Afghanistan. I just retired form USAF with 25 yrs active duty and have planted my retired roots in Melbourne for "Chapter 2" of life. I'm an avid hunter/fisher with a passion for waterfowl with my dog Zeke (yellow lab). Anyway.......
Pointed the Ranger 2410 east out of SI around 1400 heading out in search of a dolphin. Stayed on the throttle until 250' when I came across first weed line (a good one) and there was another boat already on it. As I was deploying lines looked up and saw other boat fighting a fish, but too far to see what went over the gunnel. For me it was zip on this line so east I went a trolling. Came across another good line at 400 and started running the sides. Nothing on the weed lines, but when I started continuing east away form the line I get 2 knockdowns (out of 3 rods) and it's game on. Grabbed starboard outrodder first and let throttle fight shotgun rod. Not a long fight but first dolphin over the gunnel is a keeper and it's on to #2. Short fight and over the rail comes keeper #2. Neither was real big (22" and 25" at the fork), but these were the first "hometown dolphin" to get me on the board; usually had to go to the Keys on vacation. Pressed on to 550' but no other action, so headed west for home. Came across a great weed line at 150' that was over 1mi long that I put one line out to try for about 10 mins...nada. One fish hit pink and blue naked chugger and other was on naked ballyhoo.
End result was an awesome solo day on the water with a gallon bag of fillets for me, the wife and other family members. To end, my name is Kevin and my lovely bride is Laura. We both love being on the boat and bending rods. If you see us in a black/white Ranger 2410 please say hi because we definitely look forward to meeting other fellow sea mates. Attached pics are the 2 fish from Wednesday, our best day from Keys last year after retirement and then a great day of hunting in MT this past season.


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