How to catch specks in the summer

Any suggestions on catching specks in the summer?  We fish a lake that has a few brush piles but not many.   there is a small area in the middle of the lake that is 25'.  Also there is an area near shore that drops from 7' to 16' like a ledge.  It was dug out along time ago when a house was being built.  


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    You know , I've also wondered the same ? Had a guy tell me he caught more in the summer but didn't say how or where ?  I would think under floating vegetation or deep weed bed ?
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    We used to sink Christmas trees in the deepest part of the lake (about 20'-24' deep) and fish it during summer for specs.  We'd fish live minnows lip hooked on jigs.  Just cast and let it sink down with no action.      
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    In north central Florida they are being caught in the flooded timber along the lake edges and in the bonnets MAINLY with grass shrimp. Hint - grass shrimp!!!!!!!
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