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Palm Beach Inlet 4/21 Report

CatalystCatalyst Posts: 202 Deckhand
We tried to get out today before the wind picked up. Broke the inlet a little after 7am into ripping wind and pouring rain. Scattered weed everywhere. Since we could barely see through the rain we pointed SSE right outside the inlet in about 85’ and put out a 4 line spread of artificials.
Small flying fish where everywhere.
we made our way almost to Breakers and 150’ or so and got a triple of small 18” dolphin. Landed and released 2 and third fish got off. 
Reset in the scattered weed and got 3 of 4 lines tangled. ( trolling small lures in the wind) at this point it was getting pretty choppy and the scattered weed was making trolling almost impossible since it was just me and my 13 year old son on board. We decided to head in and call it a day after doing a bottom fishing drift back to the inlet.

It definitely looked fishy out there.


  • Serenity NowSerenity Now Posts: 442 Deckhand
    Good report and that’s a memory the son will have for a long time.  The ones where YOU have to work for it seem even bigger thru the son’s eyes.  Hopefully you’ll get to hear him share it.   It’s always better when they tell it. 
    "Surreel Life"
    2014 Seahunt Gamefish 25
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 997 Officer
    It is tough when the wind wants to push your favorite small lures around.  The best I've got with a short profile, but still flat or cupped face is a moldcraft mini chugger.  It doesn't get pushed around by the wind so much, and the dolphin still wreck it.  I frequently fish mine with a  mini bird in front.
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