Snapper season announcement by SCOTT?????

RK McLeanRK McLean Posts: 8 Greenhorn
I guess we can discern from the title of the announcement that the decided upon season is for the West/Gulf coasts?!  If this is true, and I think it is since east coast was never mentioned and west coast recreational fishing was mentioned several times, then WHAT ABOUT THE EAST COAST??  What is the difference between the two coasts?  Between the snapper populations??  Or is it just the usual "squeaky wheel / most amount of money"  gets the attention syndrome???  Why not lump us all together?  We are all fishing primarily in Federal waters,  especially the east coast (3 mile state waters), so where is the differentiation?  Wish the Feds would explain that to us?!  Please Federal WC show some clarity, some initiative, some science!!
P.S. Thanks to Scott and all our congressmen for what they have done!


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