Proud Of MY Branch Of The U.S. Military

Read the news reports on how the Navy busted he** out of the Syrian targets? Makes me proud---wish I were 50 years younger! I'd re-up right now!

But, there is one negative aspect of this scenario and it probably will not be known for several years! I guarantee you that a number of Sailors lost their ears over the side of the ship when the missiles left the deck! Ever hear one fired? Doesn't take but ONE!  


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    You have a right to be proud.
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    So am I. 
    USN 1962-1966

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    We need the flag icon back.
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    I got caught outside during a quick-fire operation without my ear plugs.
    There is usually a warning before using any ordinance, but we were on a training exercise and quick-fire drills with the 56MM is part of it.

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