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Hollywood Beach/ Wading Question

My wife and I were in Hollywood for a week and few years ago for a short winter break and really liked the area.  However, I didn't fish at all and actually gave it little regard.

We're considering another trip there perhaps next year in the February-March time frame.

I'm not wanting anyone's hot spot or secret spot but are there areas within walking distance or shuttle distance that has some decent fishing?

How is the fishing right there on the beach perhaps between Hollywood and Dania and what type, size, and style tackle would be recommended?

Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] if you prefer.



  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 663 Officer
    Basstar... February/March Is perhaps the worst month to fish the beach (except for shark-it’s the best). There is really not much happening around that time, and unfortunately Broward County beaches are lousy fishing grounds except for during the mullet run (September - 1st week of November). There was a good surge of big bluefish this year that was around Jan/feb/mar. Most of those fish stayed north but a few came south. Expect your fishin to be lousy to fair/sporadic . you may get into a jack, bluefish, needlefish, lizardfish. 
    Tackle:  12-20 rod is my go to for the smaller things. 15-25 rod makes a big difference for the bigger stuff. Bass poles that are 8-17 are fine, just not if you hook something big. 15 lb braid -40lb. Spoons and top waters for the lower lights. Make sure you have mono leader too, I use 60. Usually wins a battle with a 10lb blue. Nothin fancy during those months. Good luck. 
  • BasstarBasstar Posts: 519 Officer
    Thanks for the direct info. Much appreciated and I'm not surprised. When I was there it looked like a straight beach with few fish holding features. 
  • bitshortbitshort Posts: 243 Deckhand
    Fish the south hollywood areas for pompano with fresh sand fleas or fish bites in the sand flea scent. spoon with above line recommendations I would say floro instead of mono. Chicken rig with kayle hooks on the pomp rig three hook minimum 30# is my go to...get a stick of 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe 4ft long for rod holders. Good luck 
  • BasstarBasstar Posts: 519 Officer
    Thank you so much.
  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 801 Officer
    no snook on the beaches around then?
    we need more internet money
  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 663 Officer
    I agree with the flouro part for sure. And if you are going to try for pomps use 30. It all depends what you want to get after, and there’s is always by cath out there 
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