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SI inshore 4/08 & 4/14 Overslots and table models - pics resized

4/08  Snook bite was slow. Went one for three with two big fish breaking off on structure. Also boated a nice pompano, redfish, several jacks to 14 lbs, and 6 sail cats on artificial.

4/14 Took my buddy Brian and his sister Sally who was visiting from New York. Snook bite was slow, but we had some success. I could not turn an overslot snook with 15lb braid on my Stradic CI4 4000. The fish did a slalom course thru some pilings, so I jumped out of the boat and  took chase. Got lucky, snapped a few photos and released her. Landed a 31 1/2"  table model shortly after. Also battled a couple jacks.

FYI - Stone crabs love a fresh snook carcass. Pulled the crab trap off my dock and it was loaded with 14 stone crabs and a few blues. Large claws with a few colossals among the mix.

Can't seem to figure out how to get the pictures to post in order by the text.


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