CK - Upper/Over Slot Reds, Big Ugly and an Unwelcome Paparazzi

Gator4LifeGator4Life Gainesville,FlPosts: 576 Officer
 The winds were high in the a.m. and high tide wasn't till 1:30pm so decided to sleep in a bit and got on the water around 1130. Our first spot we poled down on was a small grassy bar with no-one in sight. As soon as our bait hit the water here comes a boat straight for us. There are 5 square miles of oyster bars around us and this fella picks the one we're fishing. I then realize he's not fishing but pulling right on top of our bait to get out and take some photo shoots with a tripod . My wife's bait is just feet from them so she goes to reel in and wham!! Red on!!. She catches a 28" on the first cast feet away from Captain Guy Harvey and his photo companion(picture below). It was only a sign of things to come.  We moved around hitting  different bars and for the next three hours we caught a 29" red, another 28"er,  and 2 between 26-27" that we took home for dinner. Also caught a large black drum that took forever to get to the boat.


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