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Again, No Family Slam

12 Apr 2018...Wabasso South...ICW traffic heavy. First stop Pine Island, missed a Trout on a topwater plug.  Next came a short Snook, quick photo and release. Then a ray of hope, a Little Ugly, only need a Trout and Red for another shirt. Pitched the Baby Vudu to Mangrove pockets, barely legal Sheepshead, and a Fair sized Snook. Pulled the hook. On to Hobart, maybe a Trout, nothing today. Hole in The wall North 2 pound Jack. Mud Bay looking for Reds, more short Snook. Wish that the Quacker Hunters would remove the palm fronds when they are done. Next stop the Sisters, again, nothing. Out to the spoil islands. No more quarter for guides. Ran straight in front of me, then idled around the island, mini eco tour. Figured he is a low end guide and the fishing is rough.  Needed to do something. Worked the flats trying for Trout, success, too bad they were too short. Watched a high dollar rig go out of the channel, he ran for at least a hundred yards, throwing white water. Finally got out and burned up the water. Always thought that the high dollar boats had idiot devices to tell you that you were going to be in trouble. Did not hit Loggerheads, boat working the cuts. Know that he can not get past the golf cart bridge, had one of those picnic tables on the back of the boat. Next stop Vero, watched a couple in a yak, no PFD's. Pitching docks for one of my favorites, Sheepshead, hard on artificials, but managed 5, !4 to 16 inches. The dirty water makes it hard to target specific fish.  There are a few bruisers out there.  Even found a derelict Snapper. ICW docks, more short Trout. All players released for another day.


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