Anyone going fishing in the gulf 4/14?

Just curious if anyone is going tomorrow? Weather forecast doesn't look the greatest but I'm wanting to go to horseshoe. It's a 2 hour ride for me tho.  Don't want to waste the trip.


  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,500 Captain
    Can’t catch them from the couch. 

    Go fish!
  • 4WARD4WARD Cross Creek,FLPosts: 846 Officer
    Looks good to me. Wind less than 10 in March or April, I am goin for sure. Pre Front too!!!
    Momma just filled me in on some kind of festival in CR at FIT beach. Just a heads up, if you need to adjust a little.
    I do not launch there but the other ramp will surely be a nuthouse also. Something about bussing people down from Grannys.
    "I hate graveyards and old pawn shops
    For they always bring me tears
    I can't forgive the way they rob me
    Of my childhood souvenirs"... John Prine
  • Hunter85Hunter85 Posts: 35 Greenhorn
    I’m wanting to try and go just can’t find any buddy to go with me
  • Rick1-2Rick1-2 HorseshoePosts: 868 Officer
    wish i was going instead, driving down to miami 
  • uchsgrad05uchsgrad05 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Wind forecast left me at the house. 
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