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Trying to plan a Flamingo fishing trip, Need Help!

So I want to plan a trip down to Flamingo to fish for a few days in October.  I would be towing my baot from Tampa.  Trying to figure out logistics.  Especially where to stay since I'll have a boat with me.  Any good advice?  I know the old lodge at Flamingo is no longer and the houseboats are gone from what I've read.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


  • MGDMGD Posts: 1,197 Officer
    Might be better to go to goodland/everglades city/choko...a LOT shorter trip and plenty to fish there.
    If u read some of the flamingo posts its been tough down there
    And ud have to stay in Florida city and its a 45 min ride to the ramp

  • ag10sag10s Posts: 49 Deckhand
    I don't know the Everglades City/Choko area at all.  I know the Flamingo area pretty well.  Grew up in South Florida and fished there for many years.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,340 Captain
    You've got two choices... the first one is camping at the Flamingo campground -but you'll still be in mosquito season....
    Your second choice is to stay in one of the many motels in the Florida City/Homestead area - with a fifty mile commute from there each day... (you'll note I didn't mention the backcountry campsites at all).  They're still up and in good condition but the bugs during October require someone with skin like iron.... 

    For anyone interested... send me an email request and I'll send you a list of the places my anglers have stayed at - including phone numbers and other contact info... My email is [email protected]
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