Tarpon on the Beach?

Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone has seen any Tarpon rolling on the beaches in the Stuart/ Bathtub beach area? I know the spinners have been thick, but wondering if the Tarpon have begun to move in. Thanks


  • bluechipbluechip Posts: 169 Deckhand
    heard there's been a few by Boca
  • qotsaautopilotqotsaautopilot Posts: 59 Greenhorn
    How are y’all fishing for them?  I grew up fishing for tarpon on the gulf coast.  We fished them mostly by sight off the beach with trolling motors and crabs or threadfins.  We also anchored in the passes on strong outgoing tides drifting crabs on floats.  This was mostly June and July in Sarasota.

    What time of year around here (Boca) and how do you target them?  Are they in large migrating schools are just a few fish?
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