Key West Kayak Fishing - Lower Keys Night TIme Tarpon Fishing

Not having much luck getting on too many Tarpon during the day,  These are the Gulf raised Tarpon so not as many right now versus the main migration, but they are definitely big ones.  For a guaranteed fight, I have been catching them at night.  During the day, the bait fish get hammered while out on the flats, so they are bunched up under the mangroves in the cuts.  Once it goes pitch black at night, everything moves out of those cuts and into the channels.  The Tarpon are waiting.  One of my favorite style of fishing.  Super peaceful, except for the bathtub explosions of Tarpon smashing Mullet schools.  Live Mullet slow trolled around when they are actively feeding.  Black Hogy is second best.  Been seeing a lot of Blue Crabs drifting out during outgoing tide at night, but during the feeding frenzy, they are honed in on the Mullet.

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