04/07/2018 Lithium battery pack real test.

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A few years back I bought a battery pack to take with me, when I'm  on or running a boat that i have no knowledge of its service history.   I also carry a PLB for the same reason.   Thank goodness on the water i have never had a need for either one.
   Saturday morning i was going to the marina to do some work on my boat as it was to be  cool.  When i went to put tools and stuff in my truck. what do i hear but the radio playing and the keys in the ignition, not a smart move. I accidentally left the radio on the night before. Turn it off and continue to load the truck.
 When i go to start the truck a 2014 RAM 1500  v6  all I got was click click click.  I guess radio on and key on really drained the batt. down  bummer. OK time to test the Batt.  Pack. In my hast to hook it up ( a dumb move) i had the polarity reversed. it kept on shutting off so now i need it and it will not work Dam. Well it was working the polarity protection was kicking in. I called myself a few unkind words re hooked it up. pushed the start button on.this time all the correct lights were on. Now how long is it going to take. It has been almost a year since i had topped off the battery pack ; came back out 15 to 20 minutes later. It was an instant startup wow it does work as advertised. This is not an endorsement of any one  brand, i did get mine from Sam`s.
  There are a number of brands out there now ,just another way to stay safe on the water and on the road.


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    I was on an inshore trip in Venice Louisiana and a captain of another boat had a starting battery that was completely dead.  I mean it wouldn't even budge the starter or begin to trim.  The captain we fish with pulls out his little Lithium battery pack and say's to try it.  I had no faith that little pack could turn over a 300HP outboard with a dead battery, but it fired up instantly.  I was beyond impressed.   
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    I have one and haven't used it yet,so it is great to hear they do what they are suppose to do.  Mine goes with me every time I'm on the boat. Very cheap insurance,go get one everybody.
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    Thanks for posting, this is helpful to many.
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