April fishing starting off with a bang

LarrypompanomanLarrypompanoman Posts: 183 Deckhand
The coolers were full of beautiful Pompano and whiting that I got today and yesterday 


  • Oldsmar GuyOldsmar Guy Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Good haul!! Weren't you on an episode of Florida Sportsman before?
  • Ladder ManLadder Man Posts: 1,143 Officer
    Nice Larry.  were you South of J-ville?  how did the water look?
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 4,337 Captain
    Nice uns
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
  • Nick NikonNick Nikon Posts: 1,835 Captain
    He does it yet again ...

    With dropper rigs of 14 lb. mono ...

    ( Probably a top-shot near the rod tip )
  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,155 Admiral
    No top shot......ties it straight to 16# mono....and casts a mile !!
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