What Goes in Your Emergency Medical Bag?

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Last weekend we were staying on Grand Bahama and came across some guests that had hit a pothole with their bike after dark and had some pretty bad lacerations and road rash from flying head first over the bikes handlebars. Late at night, in the Bahamas, on Easter/ Passover weekend is not the time or place to be trying to get medical care.  Fortunately, from what I heard, everyone turned out bruised and bloodied, but OK.  My buddy had run down to the boat to grab his emergency medical bag (EMB) to assist with the situation, and after we began talking about what he didn't have and what he wished he had in his EMB.  So here's my question.  I'm sure most of us that fish the Tropics have some kind of basic medical gear on board.....  Band aids, super glue, gause, Tylenol, etc , but what if you had a more serious accident while on the boat or on land.  What else do you/ do you wish to have in your EMB?  Here's mine:
2 quick-clot style gause bandages
2 SAM style metal splits
Ace bandage
2 CAT style tourniquets
Superglue (for closing small lacerations that would otherwise need stitches)
Instant Cold Compression bags
Sea Sickness patches
athletic tape

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    Same as above plus alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and 3 real good compression bandages.
    i have always looked at really bad injuries first so good to see the CAT's those go with me everywhere...... just too
    important not to have.
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    you guys are on point, i think i've got band aids, iodine, and gauze.   
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    We kept something like the Adventure Medical Marine 1000, we also carried a De fib and O2 and meds that required a script that if your a licensed Capt. they will write for you such as Z packs and pain pills, as we often traveled to remote destinations.
    we also had a emergency flight insurance coverage for the crew and guests that we actually needed twice 
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