Power Pole mounting and pump location

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Well, I broke down and set up an appointment to have a PP 8ft Blade installed in a couple of weeks.  I'm planning on having it mounted directly to starboard side of the transom.  For those that have Moccasins, where does the factory usually mount the pump and how do they run the hydraulic lines? 

I assume all the holes for thru-bolting should be coated with 4200.

A reputable shop a little too far for me told me this week they had an Egret (wasn't sure what size or model) in the shop for one and had to use a 1" spacer between the transom and the mount due avoid to it hitting the rub rail when retracted.  That's the first time i've ever heard that... hope that's not the case here.


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    You can mount the Power Pole on either side port or starboard.No need for any spacer at all directly bolt to the transom.
    The pump mounts on the starboard side in the rear hatch on the transom next to the fuel filter.Route hoses accordingly. There should be a Black & Red wire already run just for the Power Pole already in the back there tied up with yellow shrink butt ends already installed!
    Yes using 4000 UV is recommended. It's removable and rated for above and below the waterline & comes in white or black. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, that's what I was looking for.  Our scupper drains are a little different, mine flows out the side and it took me a few minutes to figure out the last pic.  My fuel water separator is mounted where your PP pump is located so maybe I will just mount it where your fuel water separator is located.

    Btw, that chrome scupper drain cover in the 2nd pic is nicer than my rubber ones.  Mine rots and has to be replaced every year. It's cheap and easy but would be better if I didn't have to do it at all.
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    The product keeps evolving over time. Yes the new scuppers are nicer and all stainless with a metal flapper which doesn't make any noise. The water exits out the rear now.They function very well. 
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    Well, after years of saying I would never do it, I did it.  Pretty impressed that they ran the hoses thru the bracket; said it had something to do with the new style hoses.  As if the PP is not expensive enough, I had to spring for stainless steel tip.

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