California Fly Shop - Beware!

Net 30Net 30 Posts: 1,011 Officer
Bought a SCOTT fly rod from these bums on February card charged same day. Never received rod and when I was able to reach a person at the shop a couple weeks later, they said SCOTT has to build the rods and they would be shipped in 7 days.

Fast forward 50 days - still no rod, emails not answered, phone not answered and voice mail box full. I contacted SCOTT to let them know what was going on and got the following response today:

"Hi George,
We are sorry to hear about this. You are not the first person to have this problem with this shop and we are in process of closing them. We have the rods available but the order was never placed. We would suggest that you dispute the charge and work to get your money back. Here is a link to our preferred online retailers and any of these dealers would have the rod in stock and would have it available for immediate shipment."

Avoid these bums like the plague!


  • silvergsilverg Posts: 1,456 Officer
    Not making excuses for them, know nothing about them other than what I just read.  But this may have some to with it.  Still no excuse for not communicating.

  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 1,011 Officer
    Has nothing to do with fire.  They had the order and charged card over 50-days ago.  It was a scam.  Scott only has a few day turnaround if the rod was out of stock.  Scott confirmed the order was never placed by the shop.
  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 1,011 Officer
    Well....between my 19-years old son's social media skills in alerting others to what happened, the email from SCOTT as verification of the scam and my friends at PayPal, a full refund was received this afternoon.

    California Fly Shop are still a bunch of scum bags as far as I'm concerned.
  • ZT3006ZT3006 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Sorry to hear about your experience. Atleast you received a refund. Have you had a Scott rod before because I was thinking about getting one myself.
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    Is this the same fly shop that puts together trips to various lodges around the world? For example, there's a guide service somewhere on the Yucatan that advertises trips and you have to book through this fly shop in California. Someone asked me about it (since I fish the general area a lot) and I had to do some research and it didn't appear to be such a hot deal.....lots of driving time involved (like 2 hours each way) and this takes  lot out of daily fishing time. A prospective client was always referred back to the fly shop for flies, rods, etc. Just curious.
  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 1,011 Officer
    Looks like the shop has closed its doors for good.  Web site is down and Yelp says business is closed.

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